S-Series Cab Lights | 2007.5-2013 Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 Retrofit

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Boost Auto is hard at work to release our cab lights retrofit kit for 2007.5-2014 Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 trucks. These retrofit kits are currently under development as we are working on offering cab lights packed with lighting features for trucks that were not originally equipped with cab lights from the factory.

All of our products go through extensive research and development to ensure the highest of quality.

  • High Quality Bright LED Lights
  • High-Quality Closed Cell Foam Gasket
    • No Moisture/Water Intrusion!
  • Running Light Function
    • Offered with White or Amber LED
  • Optional Turn Signal Function
    • Offered with Signal & Running Light or Switchback Functions
    • Standard or Sequential Amber Turn Signal
  • Optional Start-Up Sequence
    • LED Lights Scan in a Unique Pattern at Initial Start-Up for Premium Show Appearance
    • Start-Up Color Matches Running Light Color
  • Unique Strip Style Design


Vehicle fitment Fitment note


Boost Auto is hard at work to release our S-Series Cab Lights retrofit kit. We estimate to have the retrofit kit available in Q2 of 2024.

All of our products go through extensive research and development to ensure the highest quality. To be notified when available, sign up for our email notification form.

Why Choose Boost Auto?

OE Level Fitment

The Competition uses a flat bottom cab light that is poorly designed, causing an improper and undesirable fitment to the vehicle leading to water inside the cab and staining your headliner. No one wants to replace a headliner or deal with leaks anywhere on their vehicle.

Boost Auto has developed cab lights specific to the shape of your vehicle roof. We've also substantially increased the gasket thickness over OEM and other aftermarket cab lights. This allows for a much better seal around the cab light, sealing out any moisture regardless of the conditions you are in. ABSOLUTELY. NO. WATER. INTRUSION.

Easy Installation

The Competition does not offer advanced cab light configurations such as Turn Signal or Switchbacks without the need to completely lower the headliner to run a lengthly wiring harness down from the cab lights. Little or no installation instructions are offered, leaving you in the dark.

Boost Auto has developed ground-breaking technology that allows our our cab lights to function as a turn signal and a running light, or switchbacks, without routing wiring harnesses from the roof down. Our S-Series Module integrates seamlessly under the dash to allow our cab lights to operate in your desired function with minimal wiring. Our cab lights also come with in-depth video instructions, showing you the full process start to finish.

High Quality Materials

The Competition does not use a fully sealed marker lamp enclosure or proper seals, allowing water to seep in through various openings within the cab light housing. Additionally they do not use factory connectors, requiring a hacked together install. Over time, cheap plastics yellow making your truck look aged and tired.

Boost Auto has developed a over-molded light housing with a tight molecular level fit, taking all risk of water intrusion out of the situation. In addition to our high quality cab light assembly, we use OEM connectors to seal the deal. This allows for a simple plug and play install on the roof of your vehicle. High quality gloss piano black plastics are molded on OEM grade production lines, guaranteeing your roof light will not yellow and age.

Customer Service

The Competition will not help with installation questions or help diagnose any issues that may come up with your cab lights. With minimal installation instructions, getting your cab lights installed and keeping them functioning can be a battle.

Boost Auto has a fully staffed technical support team ready to assist, available by phone or email. We own these trucks - so we know these trucks. When you call us you're talking to a technical expert for the vehicle you're working on. We'll help with any questions before you purchase, during install, or anytime after your installation in order to offer the best service we possibly can.


The Competition offers little to no warranty, and may require you to pay to keep your warranty active.

Boost Auto offers a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support.



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