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2019-2023 GMC Sierra 1500 Tow Mirrors

$ 549.95

Select Options In-Stock Your order will ship once our team is done building them and testing them to the highest quality standards in our Illinois facilities.
Manual Fold: Custom built in USA - Ships in 5-7 Business DaysPower Fold: Pre-Order Shipping by 12/31 (or sooner)

Mirror Features:

  • Power Adjust Upper Glass
    • Memory Equipped (Power Fold Only)
  • Heated Upper Glass
    • Optional Heated Lower Glass
  • Manual Folding
    • Optional Power Folding
      • Plug & Play if originally equipped
      • Add feature with wireless upgrade if not originally equipped
  • High Quality LED Lighting
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (only for trucks originally equipped)
    • Compatible With Lane Change Alert & Side Blind Zone Alert
  • LED Turn Signal on Glass (Red)
  • Integrated Rear Facing Cargo Light (Low Output or High Output)
  • Optional Running Light Functions 
  • Optional Sequential Signal
  • Start Up Sequence (Sequential Signal & Running Light & Sequential Switchback Only)
  • Optional Forward Facing Spot Light
  • Different LED Color Options (White, Amber, Switchback)
  • Fixed Width Design - Optimized for Towing + Daily Driving

Product Details:

  • Packaged/Sold in Sets (LH + RH)
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Item Condition: New
  • Free Ground Shipping (Lower 48 States)
  • Assembled in the USA


2019 1500 Trucks:

  • Link to install video (NOT adding power fold &/or forward facing spot light to a vehicle not originally equipped): https://youtu.be/LVB7hpQo9t0
  • Link to install video (adding power fold &/or forward facing spot light to a vehicle not originally equipped): https://youtu.be/YlyV_uylW1s 
2020-2022 1500 Trucks:

  • Link to install video (NOT adding power fold &/or forward facing spot light to a vehicle not originally equipped): https://youtu.be/pApWz8s9L5A
  • Link to install video (adding power fold &/or forward facing spot light to a vehicle not originally equipped): https://youtu.be/TcygQmgIzoA
2022+ Refreshed Trucks:

Optional Upgrades:

If you chose to add Cargo & Reverse to your mirrors, watch this video that shows how to quickly install the upgrade in just 5 minutes.


Why Choose Boost Auto Parts?

    The Claim: Properly Wired

    • The Competition: After mirror install the truck lights (not just the mirror) malfunction, the dash displays error messages, & the signals hyperflash.
    • Boost Auto: No error messages. No hyperflash. Always wired properly, guaranteed.

      The Claim: Excessive Vibration

      • The Competition: Extension mechanism causes excessive vibration. Mirror becomes unusable due to excessive vibration in both the extended and retracted positions
      • Boost Auto: Fixed Width Design avoids excessive vibration. Fully usable and functional mirror with design optimized for daily driving + towing.

      The Claim: Bonus Lighting Features Easy to Gain

      • The Competition: 10 feet of wiring without instructions - figure it out yourself.
      • Boost Auto: Extensive R&D performed to define upgrade path. Custom wiring harnesses designed, developed, and manufactured from the ground up by Boost Auto Parts in USA. Full detailed tutorial videos so you can confidently gain the lighting features.

      The Claim: Power Fold

      • The Competition: Manual Fold
      • Boost Auto: Manual Fold or Power Fold. Not originally equipped with power fold, but want to gain it? No problem, Boost Auto Parts patent pending wireless ECU's allow you to gain the power fold feature using your factory mirror switch with no need to run wires into the cab of the truck.

      The Claim: Memory Compatible

      • The Competition: Not compatible with your vehicles original memory features. Mirrors will constantly move erratically while your vehicle aimlessly tries to utilize the memory feature.
      • Boost Auto: Power folding mirrors are fully compatible with your vehicles memory system. No erratic movement - accurate memory recall for your mirrors. Retain your vehicles original functionality with ease.

      The Claim: Blind Spot Monitoring

      • The Competition: Mirrors not compatible with Lane Change Alert & Side Blind Zone Alert. Error messages on dash.
      • Boost Auto: Mirrors fully compatible with Lane Change Alert & Side Blind Zone Alert for vehicles originally equipped. No error messages on dash.

      The Claim: Defrost Glass

      • The Competition: Upper Glass Only
      • Boost Auto: All mirrors equipped with heated upper glass. Optional heated lower glass also offered.

      The Claim: Forward Light Function

      • The Competition: Signal Only? Running light only? Many sellers claim one but do the other. You won't know until you put them on.
      • Boost Auto: Switchback, Signal & Running Light, OR Signal Only

      The Claim: Quality Electronics

      • The Competition: Interference from reverse light causes 'fuzzy' backup camera
      • Boost Auto: No interference with backup camera

      The Claim: Rear Facing Light Function

      • The Competition: Cargo Only
      • Boost Auto: Cargo & Reverse OR Cargo Only

      The Claim: Instructions

      • The Competition: No Instructions
      • Boost Auto: Detailed Instructions & Videos

      The Claim: Technical Support

      • The Competition: No technical support, and customer service often speaks broken English
      • Boost Auto: Live & helpful American support. We know these trucks because we own these trucks!

      The Claim: Serviceability

      • The Competition: No stock of parts
      • Boost Auto: A full range of parts stocked in our Illinois warehouse

      The Claim: Quality Checks

      • The Competition: No quality checks. Imported from Asia & shipped directly to you.
      • Boost Auto: 100% quality checked & end of line assembled in USA.

      The Claim: Warranty

      • The Competition: Claims of extended warranties, but denial of warranty claims or no response when issues arise.
      • Boost Auto: 1-year warranty upheld, with real technical support to get the problem fixed the right way the first time.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Vehicle Fitment:

      These mirrors fit a wide range of vehicles including the following: