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Experience the ultimate in convenience and performance with our latest innovation: Boost Auto Powered Running Boards. Setting new industry standards, these advanced running boards offer auto-retract and auto-deploy technology backed by a powerful motor.

Engineered to perfection, these power running boards are built to last and withstand even the harshest environments. Outputting more than twice as much torque as the competition, our power steps will outperform any steps on the market. 

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What Makes These The Best On The Market?


Boost Auto's extremely powerful single motor design outputs more than twice the torque than that of the competition.

Making our power steps the winner in power output as well as motor longevity and durability.


Our Boost Auto Powered Running boards are engineered and designed according to your truck's body lines to ensure a precise fitment for a slick tucked in look for your truck


Made with durable 6000 Series Aerospace Grade Aluminum, our Boost Auto Powered Running Boards are built to last. Once installed on your truck, our running boards are rated for up to 600lbs per side!


Our Boost Auto Powered Running Boards are wired into your vehicle's existing computer network so you don't need to add any magnets or ancillary switches to control the boards! All wiring and taps are included, and your OBD port will NOT be restricted as we tap into the computer network directly.

Yes, our Boost Auto Powered Running Boards are Power Retractable & Power Extending. 

Our Powered Running Boards use auto retract and auto deploy technology that allows the boards to automatically deploy when the doors are opened and automatically retract when the doors close. 

The driver-side doors will auto-deploy/retract the driver-side step while the passenger-side doors will auto-deploy/retract the passenger-side step. 

Our Powered Running Boards will mount the same way as your factory power steps. However, you must still wire our power motors as per our detailed installation video. 

All necessary harnesses and hardware will be supplied with your order based on the options you select.

Double Cab (also known as extended cab) trucks allow for rear seating without a full-size rear door. Crew Cab trucks allow for rear seating with a full-size rear door. Crew cab trucks offer a larger cabin area than double cabs. Please review the below graphic depicting the difference between styles of cabins.

Boost Auto Powered Running Boards are not compatible with Regular Cab trucks (without rear seating).

Boost Auto Step Pads for our Powered Running Boards come in three unique design options (Triangle, Hex, Basic) and three different color options (Blue, Grey, Red). You can take a closer look at the available designs in the below graphic.

Our powered running boards are built with durable 6000 Series Aerospace Grade Aluminum. Once installed on your truck, our running boards are rated for up to 600 lbs per side!

You do NOT need to drill holes in the frame of your truck. Our mounting brackets will simply bolt onto your truck's frame at the designated mounting points as shown in our installation video.

Please reference above for the link to the installation video showing a step-by-step procedure for your truck.


These boards were specifically designed to withstand the harshest elements. All components are designed with weather-proof sealed connectors and critical components are completely potted, to ensure they can withstand any rain, snow, dirt, or mud that may get in the way during your most adventurous trips!

Our Boost Auto Powered Running Boards are offered for crew cab trucks as well as extended cab trucks.

Crew Cab trucks will receive a 78" Powered Running Board.

Double Cab trucks will receive a 71" Powered Running Board.

Absolutely, our boards are equipped with pinch-sensing technogy for additional safety. This means that our boards will stop retracting if it is sensed that pressure is applied to the board while it is retracting.

What Boost Auto Offers That The Competition Doesn't

Why Choose Boost Auto?


The Competition: No Instructions

Boost Auto: Detailed Installation Instructions & Videos

Technical Support

The Competition: No technical support, and customer service often speaks broken English

Boost Auto: Live & helpful American support via phone or email. We know these trucks because we own these trucks!

Quality Materials

The Competition: Boards are made of steel making them prone to rust and premature wear.

Boost Auto: Boards are made of 6000 series aerospace grade aluminum to prevent rust and enhance durability.


The Competition: Required to buy a new set even to replace a small part

Boost Auto: Our boards are designed to be fully serviceable, so if you need a replacement piece we have you covered

Quality Checks

The Competition: No quality checks. Imported from Asia & shipped directly to you.

Boost Auto: 100% end of line quality checked right here in the USA


The Competition: Claims of extended warranties, but denial of warranty claims or no response when issues arise.

Boost Auto: 1-year warranty upheld, with real technical support to get the problem fixed the right way the first time.



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