Ford F150 Mirror Temperature Sensor Harness (2018-2020)

$ 56.95

This is a harness to prevent the bothersome check engine light and DTC P0073 on Ford F150 trucks 2018+ after installing mirrors that aren't equipped (small mirrors or tow mirrors) This listing comes with a jumper lead and a temperature sensor along with instructions to install on the passenger side.  This harness is compatible with Ford F150 trucks 2018+ (8 pin and 22 pin).

Simply slide the pins into the passenger side connector in the correct location and turn the check engine light off! This often also prevents the air conditioning from working, so after you install this and clear the code the AC should resume working.

Link to installation video:

If you have 22-pin mirrors on an 8-pin truck and are utilizing an 8 to 22 pin adapter, install the wires labeled "8-Pin" on our harness into the 8 pin connector on your adapter (the slots should be empty)