Add a Circuit Taps

$ 3.95

Boost Auto Parts offers a range of electrical accessories to cleanly tap aftermarket accessories into your OEM electronics.

Add a Fuse Taps: These fuse taps are great for installing accessories to your fuse box in a clean manner. They come with a 5AMP fuse for the circuit you are adding, and you simply put the original fuse into the bottom slot.

In-Line Fuse Splices: These fuse splices make tapping to an existing wire easy. Featuring an in-line 3 AMP fuse, you can rest easy knowing the circuit you're using is properly protected. These also feature shrink wrap butt connectors for proper sealing, as well as 3M tap connectors.

In-Line Fuse Splices: These feature all of the benefits of the In-Line fuse splices, but without the in-line fuse. If your accessory already has an in-line fuse then you likely don't need the additional protection so you can save money by purchasing these.