8 to 22 Pin Adapter Harness - Ford F150 (2015-2020)

$ 84.95

This harness allows you to put 22 pin towing mirrors onto your F150 that was originally equipped with 8 pin mirrors. The 22 pin towing mirrors have more features, and this harness will allow you to add them. Sold as a set (covers both sides).

Features Included:

  • Power Adjust
  • Defrost
  • Turn Signal
  • Temperature Sensor (not equipped on counterfeit copies of our harness)
  • Running Light (not equipped on counterfeit copies of our harness)

All of the features that your 8 pin mirrors originally had will be plug and play with this adapter if the mirrors you purchased are wired correctly. The running light is easily added following our installation video.

Link to Installation Video: https://youtu.be/OvRHn3U_ou0