8 to 22 Pin Adapter Harness - Ford F150 (2015-2017)

8 to 22 Pin Adapter Harness - Ford F150 (2015-2017)

$ 39.95

This harness allows you to put 22 pin mirrors onto your F150 that was originally equipped with 8 pin mirrors. The 22 pin mirrors have more features, and this harness will allow you to add them. Sold as a set (covers both sides).

We include a secondary harness with wire leads so you can wire in the bonus features:

  • Puddle Light: Brown Wire
  • Marker Light: Blue Wire
  • Spot Light: White Wire

All of the features that your 8 pin mirrors originally had will be plug and play with this adapter if the mirrors you purchased are wired correctly. The bonus features must be wired in.