Ford Bronco Wireless Phone Charging Kit // 2021-2024 Ford Bronco
Ford Bronco Wireless Phone Charging Kit // 2021-2024 Ford Bronco
Ford Bronco Wireless Phone Charging Kit // 2021-2024 Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco Wireless Phone Charging Kit // 2021-2024 Ford Bronco

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Boost Auto's wireless charger is the ultimate upgrade for your 2021-2024 Ford Bronco! With installation that can be completed in less than 45 minutes, you'll be well on your way to wirelessly charge your phone in no time! Throw out the charging cables which seem to always fail, and just toss your phone on the center console to enjoy wireless phone charging. This charger is a great addition to the interior of your 2021+ Ford Bronco with automatic transmission on any trim, including Base Model, Big Bend, Black Dimond, Outer Banks, Badlands, Heritage, Wildtrack, and Raptor.


For exact fitment, reference the table below! This product does not fit vehicles with a manual transmission or with a factory wireless phone charger.

Vehicle fitment Fitment note


You will receive the assembled charger which contains custom molded parts to seamlessly fit your center console, the 15W triple coil phone charger, a rubber mat, and a plug and play wiring harness.

Installation takes about 45 minutes following our YouTube videos (linked above).

The only tools needed are a phillips head screwdriver, 3/8" drill bit, metric socket set, and a body trim tool (or flat head screwdriver).

The charger is capable of charging up to 15W, so if your phone is equipped to charge at fast speeds this charger will do it. Your phone will charge faster on the wireless charger than with a cord plugged into the standard 12V outlet.

If your phone has a Qi (industry standard) charging receiver built in, our charger will work.

iPhone 8 & newer, as well as many Android devices are Qi compatible. If you are unsure if your phone will work please contact your phone manufacturer.

We know everyone has different preferences on this, so we designed two different modes into the charger.

Mode 1 has a red resting light on when the charger is in standby mode (ready to charge, but nothing in the charging area). When a phone begins charging the red light will turn off and illuminate blue. When the phone is removed from the charger the light will return to red.

Mode 2 has no resting light when the charger is in standby mode (ready to charge, but nothing in the charging area). When a phone begins charging the blue light will illuminate, and when the phone is removed from the charger the light will turn off.

Pressing the sub-flush switch once will cycle between the modes.

Most phones will still charge with a case on, however some thick cases may need to be removed.

The charging zone is reduced when a phone has a case on it, so for optimal charging we recommend removing your case.

Simply press and hold the sub-flush button for 3 seconds and the charger will turn off. Repeat the process when you are ready to turn it back on.

The charger utilizes a triple coil to extend the charging zone, however the charging zone varies depending on the size and shape of your phone. Bulky cases significantly reduce the charging zone, however the charger still charges through most phone cases.

Optimal charging is achieved by placing the phone near the coils in the middle of the mat.

The charger should not drain the vehicles battery, as the LED's draw next to no current. If you have any doubt you can always press and hold the sub-flush button for three seconds and power off the charger entirely.

Our charger will NOT add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to your vehicle if your vehicle was not originally equipped with these features, however if your vehicle was originally equipped with these features you will retain these features.

If your vehicle originally had Apple CarPlay or Android Auto – the vehicle will function as follows:

  • For vehicles originally equipped with WIRELESS Apple CarPlay/Android Auto: Our wireless charging kit will wirelessly charge your phone while Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is in use, without needing to plug in the phone.
  • For vehicles originally equipped with WIRED Apple CarPlay/Android Auto: Our charger will simply charge the phone, it will NOT convert Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to wirelessly function.

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Chad L.
United States United States

Great customer service

Item fit perfect and was a breeze to install with the video

Kevin P.
United States United States

Thank you Boost Auto Parts!

I ordered three different wireless chargers for my 2022 bronco on Amazon. Two of them would not charge my phone and only made them extremely hot to the touch. The third one didn't work at all. After three failed attempts, I search the internet and found Boost Auto Parts website. I reluctantly place my order believing I would receive another dud. When the wireless charger arrived I was impressed by its design. It looks exactly like the factory OEM version that was a $3,000 add-on from the dealership. It took me about 30 minutes to get the new unit installed and once it was powered up it began charging my phone immediately. I just want to say thank you for the great product! Well worth the money!

Min A.
United States United States

Best wireless charger option for a Bronco After having to forgo the Lux pkg, I felt quite disappointed about losing the wireless phone charger in the center console. Initially, my plan was to install a magsafe charger, but I struggled to find an OEM-looking solution. After days of searching the internet, I eventually stumbled upon a fantastic alternative from Boost Auto that closely resembled an OEM product, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! The installation process turned out to be relatively straightforward since they provided all the necessary hardware. The most challenging part was probably removing the horizontal panel between the center console and the AC control. Fortunately, their excellent Youtube installation video proved to be incredibly helpful. Now, I can charge both Android and Apple phones without any issues, and the rubber material securely holds the phone in place. I'm confident that even during rough rock crawling, the phone will stay firmly fixed.

Constantine SVG verified by SHOP

Took the time to install, had to drill a hole and screw screws into the plastic, no problem doing this, however now after the fact find out that the power of the charge is trash. Only way significant increase in battery power happens is if you turn everything off including cellular data and all running apps. Even after charging with all this off for 30 min, it only increased by 14 percent. Total waste of money.


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