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Ford F150 (2021-2022) New Style Tow Mirrors

$ 439.95

Estimated Shipping: On or Before 9/20/2022

Mirror Features:

  • Power Adjust Upper Glass
  • High Quality LED lights (turn signal & optional running light)
  • Heated Upper (Optional Heated Lower Glass)
  • Different LED color options (White, Amber)
  • Optional Forward Facing LED Spot Lights (only for trucks originally equipped)
  • High Intensity LED Puddle Lamp (only for trucks originally equipped)
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (only for trucks originally equipped with BLIS)
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Manual Folding
    • Optional Power Folding
      • Plug-and-play if originally equipped
      • Wireless upgrade if not originally equipped
  • Memory Compatible (Power Fold Only)
  • Manual Extending Towing Mirrors (2.5 Inches)
    • Optional Power Telescope (only offered with power fold)
      • Plug-and-play if originally equipped
      • Wireless upgrade if not originally equipped

Product Details:

  • Sold as a set (left & right side)
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Item Condition: New
  • Free Ground Shipping (Lower 48 States)
  • Assembled in USA




    • Watch this video if you need to enable turn signal on a vehicle not originally equipped with turn signal: COMING SOON

Why Choose Boost Auto Parts?

The Claim: Add Features Original Mirrors Weren't Equipped With

  • The Competition: No instructions - no upgrade path to add running light, turn signal, power fold, or power extend if your original mirrors didn't have these features. Only features that will work are those that your truck was originally upgraded with.
  • Boost Auto: Full instructional videos provided and trained technical support to assist. Add turn signal, running light, power fold, or power extend to vehicles not originally equipped with these features with full tutorials and all necessary components from Boost Auto. Any issues during install? Call our US based technical support - we know these trucks because we own these trucks and will get your issue resolved quickly.

The Claim: Forward Light Function

  • The Competition: Signal Only
  • Boost Auto: Switchback, Switchback Sequential, Signal and Running Light, Signal & Running Light Sequential, Signal Only Sequential, Signal Only

    The Claim: Heated Lower Glass

    • The Competition: Upper Glass Only
    • Boost Auto: Optional Upper & Lower Defrost

    The Claim: Puddle Lamp Brightness

    • The Competition: Low Output
    • Boost Auto: High Output LED

    The Claim: Instructions

    • The Competition: No Instructions
    • Boost Auto: Detailed Instructions & Videos

    The Claim: Technical Support

    • The Competition: No technical support, and customer service often speaks broken English
    • Boost Auto: Live & helpful American support. We know these trucks because we own these trucks!

    The Claim: Serviceability

    • The Competition: No stock of parts
    • Boost Auto: A full range of parts stocked in our Illinois warehouse

    The Claim: Quality Checks

    • The Competition: No quality checks. Imported from Asia & shipped directly to you.
    • Boost Auto: 100% quality checked & end of line assembled in USA.

    The Claim: Warranty

    • The Competition: Claims of extended warranties, but denial of warranty claims or no response when issues arise.
    • Boost Auto: 1-year warranty upheld, with real technical support to get the problem fixed the right way the first time.

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