2015 - 2019 New Style GM Tow Mirrors

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Cap Color
Light Option
Forward Light Function (switchback and sequential only offered on strip lights)
Do you want low output flood lights, or high output spot lights?
See graphic below for comparison. We install the lights prior to shipping the mirrors to you. Our pre-built mirrors are only offered with high output.
Do you want the rear facing light to work as cargo only, or cargo and reverse?
GM designed them as cargo lights only, but we offer them as dual function if that is how you want them to function.
Do you want defrost on the lower glass, or just the upper?
The mirrors come equipped with defrost on the upper glass by default, but we offer defrost lower glass as an upgrade.
Do you want to hardwire your lights, or pursue a plug and play install?
For 2015.5-2019 trucks we recommend the modify door harness option. See FAQ below for full explanation of all options. If you select modify door harness here, you do NOT need to order the modify door harness on the separate product page.
Is your truck gas or diesel?
Our diesel mirrors are fully compatible with RPO code K40 and include a temperature sensor.
Do you want manual or power fold?
If you don't have power fold currently you can add them, but additional work is required (see below FAQ). The mirrors will NOT power fold if you don't select the power fold option here (+$350).
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  • Power Adjust Upper Glass
  • High Quality LED lights
  • LED Turn Signal on Glass (Red)
  • Integrated Cargo Light (Low Output or High Output)
  • Heated Upper Glass
    • Optional Heated Lower Glass
  • Optional Running Light Function
  • Different LED color options (Switchback, White, Amber)
  • Manual Folding
    • Optional Power Folding
  • Memory Compatible (Power Fold Only)
  • Manual Extending Towing Mirrors (3 Inches)



These Extendable / Telescoping mirrors fit a wide range of vehicles including the following:

Vehicle fitment Fitment note


Modifying door harnesses involves adding the missing wires to your door harness to achieve plug-and-play functionality. This is a $52.95 kit, and is the preferred method for those with 2015.5+ trucks.

Hardwiring involves running loose wires through the door boot to the fuse box &/or BCM to get the mirrors fully functional. We provide instructions and a video, and this is the preferred method for those with 2014 and early 2015 trucks.

Swapping door harnesses involves purchasing complete new door harnesses from a dealer ($200+) to achieve plug and play functionality. This is the least common option due to the cost.

Our diesel mirrors come equipped with a genuine OEM GM ambient air temperature sensor which is prewired and placed behind the glass before we ship the mirrors to you.

Our mirrors are fully compatible with RPO code K40 (Diesel Exhaust Brake)

It's very easy to do and it takes about 30 minutes. There is a detailed install video as well as more information on the product page: https://boostautoparts.com/products/pnp

No trucks require BCM recalibrations with Boost Auto mirrors.

Check out the dynamic pictures in the product page content section for an idea of how the lights will function.

Signal Only: The lights will only flash with signal. They will not illuminate as running light.

Signal & Running Light 1.0: The lights will flash as a turn signal. At night when the running lights are activated, the lights will operate at 50% intensity for running light, 100% intensity for turn signal.

Signal & Running Light 2.0: The lights will flash as a turn signal. At night when the running lights are activated, the lights will operate at 100% intensity for running light, 100% intensity for turn signal.

Switchback: The lights will flash as an amber turn signal during the day. At night when the running lights are activated, the lights will operate at 100% intensity in WHITE for running light. When the turn signal is activated, the lights will operate at 100% intensity in AMBER in a flashing pattern until the turn signal is de-activated (at which point it will return to a solid white light).

Smoked Dotted (Amber LED) - Amber at all times

Amber Dotted (Amber LED) - Amber at all times

Smoked Strip - Amber if signal only or signal & running light, color-changing (white running light, amber signal) if switchback

Clear Strip - Amber if signal only or signal & running light, color changing (white running light, amber signal) if switchback

The only features that will be 100% plug and play are the ones that your original mirrors were equipped with. Power fold is plug and play if you originally had it. If you didn't have it please see the question below this to understand the scope of adding it. If you choose to modify your door harness or swap door harnesses everything will be plug and play after doing that if your truck is a 2015.5 or newer. If you choose to hardwire you will need to wire in any functions (cargo, signal, running light) that the truck wasn't originally equipped with following our directions. We have very thorough instructions and videos provided with purchase that make installation a breeze. Please note memory, seat recall, and curbview assist are only supported on the power fold version. Non-Powerfold mirrors are NOT supported with memory.

If your original mirrors were power folding then the feature will be plug and play. If you did not originally have power folding mirrors you can add them, but you will need to purchase a new power-folding switch (this is offered at checkout). Link to overall power fold tow mirror install video (reference entire video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KSFrs96t7g

Unfortunately, we do not paint the mirrors for you. Our paintable mirrors come with non-textured caps in a white/neutral color so they are fairly ready for paint. The caps come off of the mirrors so that you can paint them and just snap them on with no disassembly required.

No, this is included in the price and it is installed before the mirror is shipped to you.

The date is stamped in the corner of the door sticker in the drivers side door. It is located on the door jamb, NOT the door itself. If it was built on or before 08/14 then you have an early 2015. If it was built on 09/14 or after then you have a late 2015. If you cannot locate your build date, please email the VIN to sales@boostautoparts.com and we can look it up for you.

There are additional circuits missing in your truck. If you wish to swap door harnesses or modify your door harness you also need the RZY harness. You have the option to purchase it in the options menu above. Most customers with these trucks choose to hardwire the mirrors.

Scroll through the product page content to see the difference; it's night and day! If you have tint on your truck the high output spot light will make the world of difference. Even if you don't have tint, the high output spot light is extremely convenient!

We've included a graphic below depicting the difference in brightness between Low Output Flood Lights and High Output Spotlights

Our exclusive Start-Up Sequence is a unique light function that activates anytime the parking lights of your truck are initially turned on. We've included a dynamic image depicting the Start-Up Sequence on our lights.

Please note, the Start-Up Sequence is currently only offered on Smoked Strip Lights optioned for all light functions except Signal Only or Sequential Signal Only

Why Choose Boost Auto?

Compatible with your LML or L5P Duramax

The Competition: No temperature sensor causes a check engine light.

Boost Auto: Temperature sensor installed prior to shipment. No check engine light.

Properly Wired

The Competition: After mirror install the truck lights (not just the mirror) malfunction, the dash displays error messages, & the signals hyperflash.

Boost Auto: No error messages. No hyperflash. Always wired properly, guaranteed.

Plug & Play Install

The Competition: One size fits all wiring makes installation difficult.

Boost Auto: Mirrors are custom wired based on your truck to unlock as many plug and play features as possible.

Forward Light Function

The Competition: Signal Only? Running light only? Many sellers claim one but do the other. You won't know until you put them on.

Boost Auto: Switchback, Signal & Running Light, OR Signal Only

Rear Facing Light Brightness

The Competition: Low Output

Boost Auto: High Output or Low Output

Quality Electronics

The Competition: Interference from reverse light causes 'fuzzy' backup camera

Boost Auto: No interference with backup camera

Rear Facing Light Function

The Competition: Cargo Only

Boost Auto: Cargo & Reverse OR Cargo Only


The Competition: No Instructions

Boost Auto: Detailed Instructions & Videos

Technical Support

The Competition: No technical support, and customer service often speaks broken English

Boost Auto: Live & helpful American support. We know these trucks because we own these trucks!


The Competition: No stock of parts

Boost Auto: A full range of parts stocked in our Illinois warehouse

Quality Checks

The Competition: No quality checks. Imported from Asia & shipped directly to you.

Boost Auto: 100% quality checked & end of line assembled in USA.


The Competition: Claims of extended warranties, but denial of warranty claims or no response when issues arise.

Boost Auto: 1-year warranty upheld, with real technical support to get the problem fixed the right way the first time.


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Patrick G.
United States United States

New Style GM Switchbacks

100% positive! Straight forward installation and high quality mirrors!

Greg H.
United States United States


These Guy and Gals are just great to do business with from start to finish A+++++ All the way

A Boost Auto Parts Customer
Brian W.
United States United States

Worth Every Penny

I was blown away by these tow mirrors. They are the closest thing to OEM you can get, and possibly even better. Very well made, fits perfectly, and looks fantastic. The customization options were also really nice. Install was a breeze as well. I’m glad I went with these over the cheap Chinese knock offs.

Kameron B.
United States United States

Absolutely Fantastic

My experience was great from choosing the exact features I wanted to the delivery process being so fast. Couldn’t ask for a better mirror!

Hayden T.
United States United States

Worth every penny

These mirrors are everything I needed. Super easy to install and I love the features as well.


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