You've Been Ducked!

You are now a step closer to innovation.


Boost Auto welcomes you to our latest products for your Jeep!

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of accessory parts for trucks and SUVs, our main focus is innovation, quality, and products that are unique and exclusive to our customers.


A look through Innovation:

Boost Auto is the first to do it and we are not stopping there.

Our product development and engineering team is hard at work with the creation of brand new Jeep products that are unforeseen in the aftermarket industry. Equipped with slick designs, durable material and LED lighting that outshines the competition, our development team has combined your requests into creating innovative products such as our Light Up Running Boards and Trail Mirrors.  

Stay tuned as our engineering team is constantly working on expanding onto new exciting products.



An understanding of Quality:

The Boost customer experience and our quality standards are the key components that set us apart from the competition.

We uphold our products to the highest-ranking quality standards to ensure that you receive the best product on the market. All of our products go through a stringent functionality test and inspection prior to shipment.


A feel of Exclusivity:

Exclusivity comes hand in hand with our innovative products. As we are the first to produce such products, you can rest assured when purchasing from Boost Auto you are buying an exclusive product not sold elsewhere.

Lumastep M1 Light Up Running Boards
Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator

Trail Mirrors
Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator