How to Install Wireless Phone Charged Kit on 2019-2022 Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra Trucks


This article will be covering the installation of our 2019+ GM Wireless Phone Charging Kit for 2019-2022 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks. With installation that can be completed in less than 15 minutes, you’ll be well on the way to wireless charging your phone in no time! Throw out the charging cables which seem to always fail, and just toss your phone on the center console to enjoy wireless phone charging.

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For in depth installation instructions, reference the links below:

Link to installation video: 2019+ Wireless Phone Charging Retrofit Install Silverado & Sierra ( Full Center Console)

Link to technical install document: 2019+ Wireless Phone Charger Installation

Vehicle Fitment: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500, 2020 2021 2022 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 2500HD 3500HD.

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Full Installation Video:

Step 1:

Remove the rubber insert from the back of the center console cup holders. Use a flat edged prying tool to get under the rubber insert and tilt upwards. A single T15 bolt needs to be removed from the plastic cup holder. A handheld drill or socket wrench can be used for removal.

Step 2:

Afterwards, using a trim tool separate the cup holder by prying it upwards gently. Work along the seam to protect the plastic cup holders.

Step 3:

Remove the single T15 bolt at the top of the rear panel just below the rear cup holders.

Step 4:

Hold the top of the trim panel found on the rear of the center console. Pull outwards to release the tabs holding the panel in.

Step 5:

Using a trim removal tool pry the orange locking clip up on the gray 12v connector. Once the red tab is pull up, the gray connector can be fully removed. Press & hold the release tab inwards than pull the connector out.

Step 6:

Utilizing the provided harness, plug the gray connector from the cigarette lighter, into the cylindrical plug.

Step 7:

Utilizing the provided harness, plug in the new gray connector into the brown cigarette plug. This new gray connector replaces the original gray connectors location.

Step 8:

Reinstall the rear trim panel, make sure to leave at least a few feet of wire for later steps. Notice that the wire is on the passenger side cup holder slot. Afterwards, reinstall this single T15 bolt at the top of this trim panel.

Step 9:

Take a small flat head to pry the rubber mat up and out of the center console. Open the center console and focus on the underside of the lid. Using one hand push the two release tabs inwards. At the same time pry the bottom of the center console lid out.

Step 10:

The console lid latch has three T15 bolts holding it in. Remove those three bolts and the latch will easily pull off.

Step 11:

Locate the four Torx bolts on the underside of the console lid. Use a T15 Torx bit to remove those four bolts.

Step 12:

Using your trim tool go around the outside of the plastic trim prying it off the console lid. This piece can be set to aside for now.

Step 13:

A hole is needed on the underside of the console lid for the wires to pass through. Take a drill and 1/2 inch drill bit, and make a hole right below the highest center hole on the console lid.

Step 14:

Take the original outer console trim and set the wireless charger inside of it. The charger is designed specifically to rest inside the trim piece without any gaps. Guide the wire from the charger through the newly drilled hole. Make sure to pull the wire through while setting the box down to in sure that the harness does not get pinched.

Step 15:

Holding the charging box flush with the console lid, take the four provided self tapping screws and insert them. Reinstall the four T15 bolts that originally held the outer trim piece in place.

Step 16:

Hold the harness from the charger to the left as you set the lid latch into place. The orientation of the wire must be to the left for later steps. Reinstall the three T15 bolts shown here to secure the latch.

Step 17:

Place the plastic cup holder section back into the console, but do not fully insert. Also do not reinstall the single bolt either. With the cup holders resting in place, take a drill with a 1/2 inch drill bit and drill a passage for the wires. The hole will be on the far left, just a small bit off the edge. Remove the Cup holder once the hole is drilled.

Step 18:

Feed the small connector end of the long harness under the hinge spring and back up. Here is the view from the front of the center console, note that the wire needs to come back up after going under the spring.

Step 19:

Reinstall the rear cup holder, guiding the wire harness into the drilled hole before fully pressing the panel down. Take the single T15 Bolt and secure the rear cup holders.

Step 20:

Take the small black connector from the wiring harness and the phone charger connector and attach them together under the console lid.

Step 21:

Reinstall the underside trim panel on the console lid. Be sure to run the wire out the bottom left opening where the latch bracket sits.

Step 22:

Close the console lid. Take the new rubber charging mat and place it onto the charger.

Your Installation is now complete!

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For supplemental and full in depth instructions, please reference our Installation Manual or Installation Video listed below. If you have any questions about this product please reach out to our sales team by phone or email here.

Install Video: 2019+ Wireless Phone Charging Retrofit Install SIlverado & Sierra ( Full Center Console)

Install Manual: 2019+ Wireless Phone Charger Installation